Bulk 100 psi Siloflex-equivalent Polyethylene Pipe

White Wolf Armory is pleased to offer Charter Plastics brand Siloflex-equivalent polyethylene pipe for all of our Combat Archery and Siege products. All Siloflex sold by White Wolf Armory has been ordered straight cut at the factory. It has never been uncoiled, heated and straightened, just waiting to spring back into a coil the first time it is left out on the field in the sun---if it bends during use just bend it straight again, and it will always fly straight and true for you! White Wolf Armory 100 psi, 1" diameter straight Siloflex: For building arrows, crossbow bolts, ballista bolts and throwing mace handles. Sold in five foot straight sticks. Each bundle contains 20 five foot sticks (100 feet total),which will make you 40 arrows, 20 ballista bolts, 80 crossbow bolts or 100 Throwing Maces.
Bulk 100 psi Siloflex-equivalent Polyethylene Pipe
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